Bachelor program in Ukraine

Duration: 8 semesters (4 years)
Language: Ukrainian, Russian, English
Entry exams: interview
Form of study: full-time or part-time
Cost of study: from 700$ per semester


Why study in Ukraine?


 Ukraine is one of the most friendly and like-minded countries for Georgians.

 Education in Ukraine for foreigners is available in Russian and English languages.

 A part-time education is available in Ukraine, which does not require the constant presence in the country.

 With the degree of Ukrainian universities it is possible to start a professional activity or proceed studying in different countries of the world. Ukraine together with other states is working on the simplification of procedures for recognition of documents for education — the country is a member of the Hague Convention on the simplified procedure of legalization of documents, as well as the Lisbon

 Convention on the Recognition of Higher Education Qualifications in the European Region.

 Ukraine is among the top ten countries of the world according to the total number of foreign students — about 45 thousand foreign citizens are being educated in Ukraine at this time.


Education Hub LOGOS is offering the following services:


 Guaranteed entry to university in Ukraine.

 Preparation of all necessary documents for admission.

 Assistance in organization of student’s arrival in Ukraine and accompaniment by the company employee on the spot, if necessary.


Cost of our services:


Service Packages


2330 GEL

(The equivalent of 790 euros)


4040 GEL

(The equivalent of 1370 euros)


5640 GEL

(The equivalent of 1910 euros)

1 stage: admission to the university of Ukraine (more)

Selection of specialty and the university in accordance with the needs and interests of the applicant.

Advisory support in the preparation of a full package of documents required for admission to the chosen university:
• translation coordination, apostils and notarization,
• Assistance in filling out questionnaires and forms in the Ukrainian language,
• checking the integrity of documents before sending them to an affiliate office in Kiev.

Submission of documents to the admissions office, support for constant communication with the university, the solution of current issues.

Receiving the order of entry in the University of Ukraine, and forwarding it to the student.

2 stage: finding accommodation in Ukraine (more)

Assistance in finding and booking the accommodation:
• maintaining correspondence with the hostel administration,
• assisting in the conclusion of the rental contract.


Assistance in preparation of documents confirming residence in Ukraine.


3 stage: obtaining Ukrainian student visa (more)

Consultation on the order of obtaining Students' visa.


Advisory support in the preparation of a full package of documents required to obtain a student visa:
• familiarization with the requirements for registration of document packages and their submission to the embassy,
• Assistance in filling out questionnaires and forms,
• Coordination of translation and notarization.


4 stage: support and maintenance in Ukraine (more)

Meeting at the airport, railway or bus of Kiev and accompaniment to the accommodation.



Assistance during the registration at the university, obtaining a student card and other student papers, acquaintance with the private office and the University online system.



Registration on language courses (if necessary).



Assistance in obtaining Ukrainian insurance (if necessary).



Assistance in opening bank account in Ukrainian bank.



Assistance in choosing the best telephone tariff in Ukraine.



Telephone support during the first semester.