Bachelor program in Poland

Duration: 6 semesters (3 years)
Language: English (В1 or higher)
Entry exams: without exams
Price: 580 € per semester  



Why it is worth obtaining a bachelor's degree in Poland, at the University of Opole?


  There are English faculties at the Opole State University and it is enough to know the language at the B1 level.

Admission to the University of Opole passes without exams.

The University of Opole has a fairly affordable tuition: 1160 Euros per year (580 Euros per semester).

The cost of living in the city of Opole is incredibly low: from 80 Euros per month.

Opole is a modern tourist city with scientific and cultural opportunities and provides opotential for multilateral development.


Education Hub LOGOS offers the following services:


 Assistance in entering the University of Opole.

 High-quality preparation of necessary documents for admission.

 Control of all stages of obtaining a student visa.

 Assistance in the selection of housing in accordance with the needs of the student.



Cost of our services:



Service Package:  Standart 2460 Gel   ( 790  Euro Equivalent to GEL)

1 stage: 1. The selection of a specialty at the University of Opole considering the criteria of the student (more)

Preparation and submission of documents for pre-admission

  • registration and reception of a personal student number,
  • filling out forms in Polish / English
  • preparing a resume and a motivation letter, submitting a request
  • correspondence with the university secretariat
  • receiving an official invitation from the university in the name.

2 stage:  Assistance in the selection of accommodation and conclusion of a rental contract: (more)

  • providing about 5 accommodation options
  • assistance in concluding a contract with a landlord,
  • obtaining a contract / invitation required for obtaining a student visa

3 stage: obtaining a student visa (more)

  •        checking the set of documents for filing a visa

  •         Making an appointment and filling out forms in Polish / English

  •         student consultation before going to the visa center