Specialized courses in Italy

Duration: 3 to 12 months
Language: English
Entry exams: Without exams
Price: From 360 to 2000 € per course



Why it is necessary to pass specialized courses in Italy


 The training is conducted in English, and a certificate confirming the knowledge of the language is not required.

 The study begins twice a year: in September and January. Documents can be submitted until mid-July and mid-December, respectively.

 The courses can be taken at the following Universities: Bocconi University, Independent University LUISS in Milan, University of Rome “La Sapienza”, University of Bologna and Kappa Language School in Rome. Each of them is distinguished by the high quality of teaching and issues relevant certificates.

 The courses are suitable for undergraduate and graduate students, as well as for those who have already graduated from the university, but would like to improve their qualifications.

 The student has an official right to work: 20 hours a week.

 At the end of the course the student receives a certificate recognized in many
countries of Europe.

Education Hub LOGOS offers the following services:



 Qualitative preparation of documents required for admission.

 Supervision of all stages of registration for obtaining a student visa.

 Help in the selection of housing in accordance with the needs of the student.


Price of our services:


Service Packages



(equivalent of 790 EUR)



(equivalent of 1100 EUR)

Stage 1: selection of school and training course (more)

 Course selection, considering the following criteria:

  • Training program and its cost,
  • Language of training  and requirements for language certificate

Stage 2: Admission for selected course (more)

1.Preparation of documents for the admission:

  • registration on the university website
  • filling out forms in Italian / English
  • assistance in preparing a resume and motivation letter, submitting a request
  • correspondence with the university secretariat
  • receiving an official invitation letter from the University

 2. Obtaining permission to study (Dichiarazione Di Valore)

  • Consultation of the client in the process of apostilling, certification and translation of documents for submission to the Italian Consulate
  • Providing student with consultation before the appointment at the Consulate

Stage 3: Supervision of legalization of documents (more)

Supervision of the process of legalization of documents and assistance in submitting them to the Embassy:

  • Supervision of legalization of documents
  • Filling out forms in Italian language and setting the appointment at the Embassy
  •  providing student with a consultation before going to visa centre

Stage 4: obtaining a student visa (more)

Providing detailed step-by-step instructions and supervising the    collection of documents for student visa

  • verification of a set of documents for applying for a visa
  • setting an appointment and filling out forms in Italian/ English
  • providing student with a consultation before going to visa centre
​​​​ ​​​​

Stage 5: Submission of documents to the University Secretariat (more)

Submission of documents to the university secretariat upon arrival in Italy:

  • filling out all forms and submitting a request to the secretariat upon arrival,
  • assistance in paying the course fee,
  • assistance in obtaining a student card.

Stage 6: Obtaining a Residence Permit (more)

Assistance in obtaining a residence permit in Italy

  • assistance in submitting a request and filling out forms in Italian
  • assistance in obtaining health insurance
  • assistance in obtaining student number and confirmation from the university
  • assistance in collecting all documents and setting an appointment in a local questura
  • providing student with a consultation before going to questura



Stage 7: Selection of accommodation (more)

  • Assistance in the selection of accommodation and the conclusion of a rental contract:
  • Providing accommodation options based on student criteria
  • assistance in concluding an agreement with the landlord
  • assistance in obtaining the contract / invitation necessary for applying for a student visa

Stage 8: Consultation in organizational matters (more)

  • Consultation in organizational matters related to studies during the first month