Duration of the preparatory course: 1-2 semesters
Language learning: Czech
Price of the preparatory course: From 2560 €


The advantages of obtaining higher education in the Czech Republic:

 Free education in the state universities in Czech language.

 The age-old traditions of quality higher education in the heart of Europe.

 The Czech Republic is on the 6th place in the world for security.

 A wide range of educational programs in 75 higher educational institutions.

 Possibilities of cultural and student exchange.

 Low cost of living (for example, meals: from 2.5 euros per lunch, accommodation:
from 105 euros per month in the hostel).

 42,000 foreign students on day programs and a simplified system of employment for
Advantages of the preparatory course: 

 The training program is aimed at full preparation for entering the state universities of
the Czech Republic.

 Own academic staff of the educational center are lecturers of universities.

 Training centers are located in three student cities: Prague, Brno, Liberec and provide
close contact with universities and faculties.

 The preparatory course assumes intensive study of the Czech language, conducting
nostrification, profile preparation and assistance in choosing a university and specialty.

 The optimization of the curriculum is so high that the groups reach a fluent level of
language proficiency.  

 A convenient information system, in which you can see the schedule, performance and
attendance, helps to unite the efforts of the student, teachers and parents and promotes
maximum progress in preparation for entering university.  

 Program of student support, system of supervision and regular weekly testing.


Education Hub LOGOS offers the following services:


  Registration of enrollment in the preparatory training center.

  Help in moving: booking tickets, finding accommodation, medical insurance - the cost is
discussed individually.