Master program in Austria

Duration: 4 semesters (2 years)
Language: German and a large number of programs in English
Entry exams: only for some professions.
Cost of study: from 380 € per semester


Our partner in Austria Stan Studentom



Why obtain Master’s degree in Austria?


 Cost of Master program in Austria for the citizens of Georgia is identical to the cost of Bachelor program and starts from 380 Euros per semester.

 Austrian universities offer more than 50 specialties for master degree in English.

 The  student of Austrian universities is officially allowed to work up to 20 hours a week.

 On graduating from the University of Austria you automatically obtain a six-month visa in order to find a job,

 There is no age restriction for the entry in the universities of Austria.

 Austria is one of the safest countries in Europe.


Education Hub LOGOS is offering the following services:


 Assistance in entrance in the best universities of Austria.

 Quality preparation of necessary documents for admission.

 Control of all stages of processing student visa applications.  

 Assistance in the selection of accommodation in accordance with the student's needs.

 Help during the first period in Austria.

 Searching and booking German language courses.


Cost of our services:


Service packages


2240 GEL

~ 760€


4660 GEL

~ 1580€


5580 GEL 

~ 1890€


7350 GEL 

~ 2490€

Stage 1: admission to the university of Austria (more)

Consultation on admission to universities in Austria.

Analysis of existing documents, selection of a university and a specialty.

Providing a list and samples of necessary documents for admission to the selected educational institution.

Coordination of the process of collecting and processing documents (translation, apostilization, notarization of documents).

Assistance in completing questionnaires and forms in German.

Submission of documents to the admissions office of the University.

Conducting correspondence with the university, solving current issues.

Obtaining a university decision on enrollment and sending it to the client.

Stage 2: searching and booking of the accommodation (more)

Consultation on choosing the student residence.



Searching and booking a place in the residence.



Conducting correspondence with the administration of the residence.



Coordination of the process of concluding a lease.


Assistance in the preparation of documents required for the embassy, confirming the availability of housing in Austria.


Stage 3: registration of student residence permit (more)

Consultation on the process of obtaining a student residence permit.


Providing a list of documents required to obtain a student residence permit.


Coordination of the process of collecting and processing documents (translation, apostilization, notarization of documents).


Assistance in completing the application form in German.


Stage 4: escort in Austria + receiving a residence permit card (more)

Meeting at the airport, railway or bus station of the city of Vienna and escorting to the place of residence.



Providing information on the Austrian public transport system.



Registration in the residence.



Assistance in obtaining a student's travel card and completing a ticket application form.



Assistance in registration of documents for registration at the place of residence in Vienna.


Registration at the university, on language courses and obtaining a student card and other student documents.


Assistance in obtaining the Austrian compulsory health insurance policy.


Assistance in opening a bank account with free service in an Austrian bank.


Assistance in preparing documents for obtaining a student's residence permit and accompanying in the magistrate when submitting documents.


Providing information on the annual extension of the student residence permit and providing a list of necessary documents.


Assistance in choosing the optimal tariff for telephone communication in Austria.




Acquaintance with the private cabinet and the online system of the university.


Participation in an information event in Vienna "Introduction to Learning and Life in Austria" (conducted by the company staff every semester for new arrivals).


Stage 5: Support during the first year of residence in Austria (more)

Information support during the first year of residence in Austria.




Assistance in extending the student's residence permit after one year.




Preparation of an individual schedule for the student for the first year of study.




Admission to an additional second specialty.