Studying in Poland - student visa or residence permit?

    With the introduction of new visa rules, traveling to most European countries has become much easier, but if you plan to become a student at a European university, you will have to live in the selected country for more than three months and, accordingly, require a student visa and / or residence permit.In case of Poland, you have the opportunity to choose between a student visa and a residence permit, and for this you must understand what the difference is between these two documents:An application for a student visa is issued at the consulate department of the Polish Embassy in Tbilisi. A visa is issued approximately two weeks after the application and all necessary documents are submitted, which means  you must have enough time before your departure to complete the process of obtaining a student visa.Student visas are issued for a maximum period of one year. After this period, you will have to return to Georgia in order to extend your visa, which is usually not a problem for those students who are already planning to return to Georgia during their summer holidays.However, if you plan to spend your summer holidays in Poland, it will be more convenient for you to obtain a residence permit, since this document can be obtained on the spot within the first three months after your arrival and it is also extended on the spot, in Poland.That is:. in case you do not have a student visa, you go to Poland on the basis of a visa-free regime and after your arrival; you apply for a residence permit on the spot and receive a document when you have already begun your studies.The list of documents required to obtain a student visa and residence permit is almost the same. Therefore, your decision about which of these documents you will receive depends on two main factors:

 1.Whether you plan to return to Georgia after the end of the year to extend your student visa.

  2.Whether you have enough time before leaving for Poland to go through the visa application procedure (here you also need to take into account the fact that you must be accepted to the university on time in order to manage to get the university invitation nrequired for applying for a student  visa).

 Now you know the main differences between a student visa and a residence permit.

 The choice is yours.Good luck!