Cost of living – Italy vs Opole


  While planning your studies abroad, it is advisable to be aware in advance of the approximate expenses you will have to cover in foreign country. That is why we tried our best to collect relevant information from our students and partners in Italy and Poland in order to provide you with the picture as clear as possible about the amount of money you will need while living in foreign country, excluding tuition fees. 

In case of Italy it is important to keep in mind that the prices vary depending on cities, that is why we will bring an average data as an example.

As for Poland, we are only going to refer to Opole in this country.



You probably realize that after tuition fees accommodation is taking most of the finances of the student. In Italy it is possible to rent student rooms in special dormitories and multi-room apartments. These accommodations are usually located near the university campus and the average cost of a double room starts from around 240 Euros per month.

In case of Opole, students are accommodated in a dormitory located in the Student City where the cost of a double room is approximately 80 Euros per month.

Medical insurance:

Obtaining medical insurance is one of the main requirments for obtaining a residence permit in both countries. The annual cost of medical insurance in Italy is about 140 Euros and in Opole - 80 Euros. In case of Opole, it is also noteworthy that it is possible to present one-year insurance received in the home country, but according to the data we are aware of, the cost of one-year insurance in Georgia is much higher

Residence Permit:

Regardless of the student visa, you must apply for a residence permit within 8 business days from your arrival in Italy. The cost of the process is approximately 140 Euros.

As for Opole, the issue is a bit different over here: it is possible to choose between a student visa and a residence permit (you can learn about the differences between these two documents through our article “Studying in Poland – Student Visa or Residence Permit?”)  If you decide to take the latter, you should know that the cost of the process is about 80 Euros.

Food and meals:

The issue of nutrition is a little more difficult to calculate, as it is somewhat dependent on the student's needs. Of course, buying a product and preparing meals at home is much cheaper in both countries than eating at cafes and restaurants, but the following data might really be useful in generating a general idea: In Italy, a mid-range meal or dinner will cost you around ten Euros per person while in Opole it will cost not more than 5 Euros.

Public transport:

It is noteworthy that the student card offers the possibility of a discount on public transport. In Italy, you will need an average of 35 Euros per month for student transportation, and about 250 Euros per year.

In Opole, a bus student ticket can be purchased for 140 days. The ticket costs around 40 Euros.

At the end of the article we would like to mention that we have compared the costs in one currency, the Euro, to make it easier for the reader to understand the comparison. However, we think it is important to know in advance that in Opole the payments are done not in Euros, but in the national currency, that is Polish Zloty.