What is a guaranteed admission?

We often talk about guaranteed admission, but what is the essence of this guarantee and how it works. Let's understand together.

In fact, it is impossible to guarantee entry to all, since it primarily depends on the applicant:

  • what university and specialty will he choose
  • how well the documents will be collected
  • how well will he meet the deadlines
  • how well will he pass the exams

If the applicant does not meet the minimum requirements of the university, we will not be able to help him.

But if the student is consistent and determined to act, we are involved in the work at each of the stages:

At the stage of a choice of a specialty we estimate the risks in advance.

Let’s suppose you want to study the specialty "Economics" and chose for this Bocconi University. Then we analyze your initial data, the experience of other students entering this specialty and tell you what chances you have to apply and how these chances can be increased.

And then we can immediately offer an alternative with less risk. Perhaps the same specialty, but in another university. The decision is always yours, but we help to really assess the situation and determine the best of alternatives.

At the stage of collecting documents, we help to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Universities have common rules for filing documents, which are easy to find on the Internet. But we must bear in mind that each applicant is considered individually, and hence the university can request other documents.

We directly communicate with universities, we learn about possible difficulties first-hand, and tell you what documents can be requested from you other than the standard list.

With us you will learn about all the "pitfalls" of the admission process, and therefore you can avoid them.

At the stage of submission of documents, we are a link between you and the university.

Here we exclude the difficulties of translation and other misunderstandings that may arise between you and the university. We speed up the communication process, as our representatives are in Austria, the Czech Republic and Italy and maintain contact with universities in person.

And also we control the terms of submission of documents, taking into account the experience of examining documents to selected universities and possible delays.


At all these stages a lot depends on you, but with our help you will be prepared for any complexity and unpredictable situation. Our guarantee is that if you follow our instructions clearly, then you are provided with the admission.