how do we work

If you are interested in education abroad, you probably know that there are lots of companies offering assistance in admission. Do you know how such companies work?


There are two options for cooperation:

First one: The company finds universities that return interest for each client, that is, the student. This format of cooperation is usually offered by private higher education institutions with a high cost of education. The services of intermediary companies are often free or of a very low price, because they receive their commission from the university.

Second one: The company works mainly with state universities and focuses on helping the student to enroll. In this case, universities do not pay any interest to the company and the lucky student is charged for these services.

We work according to the second scheme. Most of the universities we work with are state-owned, and we also select specialties with affordable tuition fees for Georgian citizens. At the same time, we guarantee the admission and require part of the payment for our services only after the student’s admission.