There are at least 5 reasons to subscribe to our facebook:

1. We write about the important

We publish information to help applicants and students who are planning to study

  • How to apply for admission
  • How to choose accommodation
  • How to eat healthy food at reasonable price in foreign country
  • And much more

2. We share the findings

We are doing a lot of work — we are monitoring proposals in the education market of Europe. Having selected programs that are optimal in terms of cost and quality of education, we will gladly share them with you

3. We discuss the news

We do not just run a page of the company, but a community of like-minded people, with whom it is interesting to discuss the latest news from educational field in Georgia and the world. Join us, your opinion matters to us.

4. We consult

We are glad to share our experience, so we are always quick and happy to answer all questions that arise on our page.

5. We offer discounts

Usually getting a discount from us is not difficult. For example, Tsira got a certificate for 250 euros for the repost of the contest. And before that, everyone received a discount of 100 euros for just answering ten questions.