How to reduce the cost of studying in Italy

The average cost of studying in Public Universities of Italy is from € 600 to € 1,900 per year. The cost seems quite acceptable in comparison with other European universities, but very few people know that this cost can be further reduced.

You can apply for a price reductio of study at the universities of Italy if the annual income of the student's family does not exceed €15,000, in some universities this amount is up to €20,000. That is, if the total official income of your family is 3750-5000 GEL per month and less, the student has the right to submit documents for price reduction.

A standard package of documents includes a certificate of the composition of the family and a certificate of income, but the university can also request additional documents individually from each student.

Each university has a lower limit, to which the cost can be reduced. According to our experience, it is €650 per year on avarage. This, of course, does not mean that the university will necessarily reduce your cost to the lower limit – the decision for each student is taken individually. But we know for sure that this is quite real and such cases happen.


The payment of the training is done in several stages:

• Before you start training, you pay the first installment (it remains unchanged).

• And only in the second semester, you are making the second installment of the payment, taking into account the decrease or without it.


For example:

You are applying for the Master Program at the University of Perugia and apply for a price reduction. The cost of education at your faculty is €1,000, the first payment is €450.

Before the beginning of the first semester, you pay the first installment of €450.

If the cost of your program is reduced to €600, then in the second semester you will pay only €150, if the payment is not reduced the amount of 2nd installment will be €550. The student receives the answer to the cost reduction before the training begins and the first payment is made.

Also, each university has its own deadlines and rules for filing documents. You can not submit them yourself at any time. A package of documents required for price reduction can also differ.


In any case, if you are going to study in Italy, it is worth applying for price reduction. Collecting the documents is not so difficult, especially with our help and advice, and the discount on training can be quite significant.