You have chosen the specialty you want to study, now you have to decide where it is best to do it. You can become a good specialist both in Georgia and abroad, but before you make a choice, you need to take into account several important points:

 Cost of education.

The options we have selected are quite affordable and can compete in value with Georgian universities. For example, studying in Austria costs from 380 euros per semester. And in Italy, the cost can be reduced to 300 euros per semester, depending on the economic income of the family.

 Diploma recognition.

Obviously, with the diploma of the European University, you have more opportunities in the whole world. But even if you get a degree and decide to live and work in Georgia, European education will make you more competitive in the market of specialists.

 The practical value of education.

European education differs from the Georgian in the first place by a practical approach. Having received a degree in Europe you will obtain all the necessary skills for a successful start if the career within your specialty.

If you decide to get the education abroad, we will gladly help you with the admission.




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